StayTeen: Helping Youths Prepare Informed Decisions About Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, has become the number 1 website for adolescents, motivating these to delight in their unique youth and work out life’s most significant alternatives, like when you should have sexual intercourse, when they’re definitely ready, and with a revamped appearance, they may be doing that much better than ever before.

When adolescents wish someplace to attend learn about gender, pregnancy, interactions and so on, they do not truly go to federal government sites. They really want a location of their own, basically precisely why was actually formed.

Over the past nine years, Stay teenage happens to be the go-to reference for adolescents, an unique just right the web simply for all of them where they could get details that addresses the problems they value by far the most without making them feel embarrassed or embarrassed.

Nowadays, keep Teen is actually debuting a brand new look and a few modern attributes, with a significant focus getting quality content.

“we are actually excited about it because we’ve discovered such with what all of our audience desires, and we’ve specially put a focus on society,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, director of marketing and sales communications. “we realize young adults love to discuss these items, but in someplace which is safe and non-judgmental, therefore we made a real energy on targeting allowing kids to touch upon creating an area in which they’re able to ask lots of concerns and view answers.”

Stay teenage’s users range in ages from 13 to 17, nevertheless website conforms its articles according to the age amount and situation. Commensurate with this motif, Stay teenage will offer more material which is compiled by teens, such as subject areas like keeping away from maternity unless you’re prepared, establishing healthy relationships, coping with breakups and more.

“all those problems that cope with intercourse, relationships, online dating a bisexual woman and anything under that massive umbrella is really what we talk about, and we also just be sure to give attention to carrying it out in a way that is really teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika stated.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to get more details as to what the new site includes, as well as the winning methods Stay Teen will continue to provide.

Placing kids for the motorist’s seat

While Stay teenage’s most well known article is actually “may i become pregnant If…?” the fresh site covers an even larger selection of subjects, for instance the risks of unprotected sex, choosing ideal brand of birth-control for you and how to discuss those issues with your physician.

“That post features actually found us our target is actually exploring sex in addition to their sex, and they are unsure precisely what the consequences tend to be with this specific behavior,” Sheets Pika said.

But not all things are changing.

Remain Teen still has some very nice functions which have been helpful to the audience, including their own health Center Finder that helps teens find physicians close by together with way Explorer enabling teens to know about variations of contraceptive and which one my work best for all of them.

“We believe this is actually beneficial to adolescents because most of the time, they don’t want their unique moms and dads knowing they’re getting contraception, so they are attempting to determine someplace capable go that is cheap, non-judgmental and a few location they may be able stroll or bus to,” she mentioned. “All of our purpose is to place teens inside motorist’s chair with training on their own on various kinds of techniques. Our very own message is actually we would like that appreciate your teen many years and postpone intercourse unless you’re really prepared, that might mean if you are earlier.”

Connecting the space between kids and parents

From beneficial solutions to fun video games to collaborative occasions, just like the 14th Annual National Day to stop teenage Pregnancy that motivates individuals to give some thought to exactly how an unexpected pregnancy would alter their particular schedules, kids and parents identical are provided with lots of reliable information because of remain Teen.

“kids tend to be researching things that they did not or else read about, and much more notably, they’ve been speaing frankly about your website with their friends, and their boyfriends and, the truth is, the help of its moms and dads,” Sheets Pika stated. “the purpose will be have significantly more open and sincere conversations among teens and parents.”

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